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Vinchin offers Essential, Standard and Enterprise editions to customers currently.

Essential Edition applies to small-businesses who use VMware and/or Hyper-v virtual infrastructure, has tight budget for a VM backup and recovery solution.

Standard Edition applies to SMBs who use either VMware, Hyper-v, XenServer or KVM virtual infrastructure, require advanced features on a backup solution.

Enterprise Edition applies to medium and large organizations who own comprehensive and complex virtual infrastructures.

Vinchin offers Standard and Enterprise editions to customers currently


Vinchin offers Perpetual License and Subscription License to customers currently.

A Perpetual License allows you to use Vinchin Backup & Recovery without limitation of time. Which means one time pay, forever use! Vinchin Perpetual License is sold by the number of physical CPU sockets on target hosts.

A Subscription License allows you to subscribe the Vinchin Backup & Recovery every per 1-3 years to save your budget. It is subscribed by the number of virtual machines that you need to protect.

Vinchin provides all available ways

Editions Comparison Table

Features Essential Standard Enterprise
VM Backup
VMware vSphere / ESXi / vCenter / vSAN Backup
Microsoft Hyper-V Backup
Citrix XenServer Backup ×
XCP-ng Backup NEW ×
RedHat RHV / oVirt Backup ×
Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (OLVM) Backup NEW ×
Sangfor HCI Backup ×
OpenStack Backup × ×
Huawei FusionCompute Backup × ×
VM-Level Backup (Protects all OS, applications, files and databases in VM.)
Full Backup
Incremental Backup
Forever Incremental Backup (Except Hyper-V) NEW
Differential Backup
Engine Backup (RHV/oVirt/OLVM ONLY) NEW ×
Increase Backup / Recovery Speed
CBT (For VMware & XenServer)
LAN-Free data transfer (Except Hyper-V) ×
"SpeedKit" to improve the incremental backup speed (available for XenServer & KVM based hypervisor) ×
Multithreaded data transfer (Except Hyper-V) NEW ×
HotAdd backup and recovery with Proxy (VMware ONLY) NEW ×
Secure Backup Data
AES 256 encryption to secure data transmission
Save Storage Space
Data Compression
Data Deduplication
BitDetector (Detect and exclude the unneccessary data like swap files, unpartitioned space when doing backups)
VM Recovery & Migration
Full VM Recovery
Instant VM Recovery
File/Folder Level Recovery NEW ×
Live Migration
Site Disaster Recovery
Copy backups to multiple locations ×
Archive backups to AWS, AlibabaCloud NEW × ×
Centralized Configuration & Management
Web Console - Unified Management Platform
Flexible Backup & Restore Scheduling
VM & Storage Reporting
Email Notification
Scale-out Storage (Support Partition, Local Disk, LVM, NFS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel)
Backup Node Expansion × ×
Multi-user Management × ×
Data Visualization NEW × ×
Integration with Deduplication Appliance
EMC Data Domain
Quantum Dxi
HP StoreOnce
File Backup & Recovery for Windows & Linux Server
Windows File Backup and Recovery NEW
Linux File Backup and Recovery
Perpetual License
Environment Limit 6 Sockets 10 Sockets Unlimited
Support 1 year free 1 year free 1 year free
Subscription License
Environment Limit 30 VMs 100 VMs Unlimited
Support Free Free Free


* Perpetual licenses include 1 year of free technical support and version update services. From the second year on, a 20% of product total value will be charged as support and update fee per year, can be paid annually or upfront.

* Subscription licenses include built-in technical support and version update services.

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