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Vinchin Backup & Recovery v4.0 for Inspur InCloud Sphere

Inspur InCloud Sphere VM backup support

Vinchin Backup & Recovery is an easy-to-use, reliable and really cost-effective VM backup solution. It can not only backup VMs of a standalone host, but also backup VMs under a InCloud Sphere cluster environment. It is specially designed for SMBs who have ability to build their own virtual environment , but willing to pay less money on protecting their VMs.

VM backup High Compatibility

High Compatibility

Vinchin Backup & Recovery can seamlessly integrate with InCloud virtual infrastructure. It is compatible with InCloud Sphere 5.x & 4.x . It can backup VMs in a standalone host, or in a InCloud cluster environment.

Instant VM Recovery

Instant VM Recovery

Instant VM Recovery on InCloud Sphere is an outstanding function of Vinchin Backup & Recovery, it helps to recover TB sized VMs in 15 secs, all business recovery in 1 min, minimized the break-off time of critical businesses under any InCloud virtual environment.

Agentless Backup Mode

Agentless Backup Mode

Vinchin Backup & Recovery directly protects VMs on InCloud Sphere hypervisor-level instead of installing agent on the guest OS, leads none consumption of OS resources and reduce deployment/maintenance workload.


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