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Vinchin Blog WHAT'S NEW in Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 -More other features

WHAT'S NEW in Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 -More other features



More other features

  • Data Visualization 

Data visualization displays a real-time overview of Vinchin Backup & Recovery infrastructure in a single graphical screen. It briefly presents the information of virtual infrastructure, protected virtual machines, backup storage, history jobs, current running jobs, and more other useful information in a single intuitive graphical screen.

With data visualization, administrators can demonstrate to the supervisors or decision-makers the real-time status of the virtual infrastructure and the backup infrastructure in a conference room or a command center. Reports and presentations can be made easily based on a single screen, as you get all the necessary information you might need to deliver to the supervisors or the decision-makers. With data visualization, the backup server and the administrator’s work will be recognized and approved.

  • Intelligent Strategy Templates

Strategy templates can be preconfigured on Vinchin backup and recovery v6.0. So when the administrator tries to create a new backup or restore job, the templates can be used to quickly create the job.

For backup strategy templates, time schedules, speed controller, storage options, retention policies, and some other advanced options can be preconfigured as templates.

As for the restore strategies, the virtual machine restores related settings can be preconfigured as templates, too.

So when administrators try to create new backup or restore jobs, these templates can be used, and these options don’t have to be configured and reviewed again and again each time when they create new jobs. And specific options from the selected templates can be modified if needed. By using the strategy templates, it can reduce the effort of system administration.

  • More Scale-Out Storage Type

Vinchin backup and recovery v6.0 now has added Local Directory to the backup storage type. This will allow users to save a copy of backup data in the Vinchin backup server or backup node-local file system. And other copies of data to other storage or other locations.

So now, users can have a local partition, local disk, local directory, logic volume, FC SAN, IP SAN, offsite storage, and cloud storage to save the backup data.

Among those storages the offsite storage is another Vinchin backup server that had been installed on a remote site, it will be used for offsite backup copy only. And the cold storage will only be used to save the backup archives.

Those above features are newly added in Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0. If you are interested to discover and experience more in the new version, feel free to download Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 from here to start your 60 Days FREE trial.

Any question? Feel free to contact support@vinchin.com. 

Thank you very much!

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