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What are the causes of data loss


In today's information and network society, computers are playing an increasingly important role in our work and life. More and more enterprises, businesses, government agencies, and individuals access and process information through computers, and save their most important information in the form of data files. However, when we use computers, we always lose data on our computers due to our various "carelessness", such as misoperation, crash, system re-installation, hot-swap, etc. There are many reasons for data loss, but once the data is lost, it will have a great impact on us!

 Let's take a look at the causes of data loss, and how we can retrieve our data!

Data loss is mainly caused by the following reasons:

(1) Users are not aware of hard disk data protection.

At present, whether enterprise users or individual users, most of them have installed one or several anti-virus software in their computers, and then they think that they can rest assured. This idea of relying too much on anti-virus software makes users neglect the protection of data. When the data disaster happens, they realize that the original software of protection is not omnipotent! At that time, it is too late to regret it!

(2) Hacker invasion and virus infection.

This factor accounts for the highest percentage of data disasters. Today's hackers can get in and out of the network equipped with firewalls. Viruses can spread all over the world in a few hours, threatening the security of our data all the time. These are things that people can't foresee.

(3) System failure.

Most of the data loss caused by this reason is as follows: the data can not be found, the system does not know the device used, the machine makes noise, the computer or hard disk does not work, etc., which is related to the way users use the computer and the software installed on the computer.

(4) Natural damage. Wind, lightning, flood, and accidents (such as electromagnetic interference, floor vibration, etc.) may also lead to data loss, But this factor is much less likely than the others.

(5) Loss by human. For example, we make the storage device in the wrong format, wrong partition, wrong clone, error delete, and other operations, lost the file.

Precautions after data loss:

(1)  If you don't install the data recovery software, do not read or write on the hard disk after the data is lost. Do not install or store any files and programs on the hard disk, otherwise, they will cover the files to be recovered, which makes the data recovery difficult and affects the success rate of the repair.

(2)  If the lost data is in the system partition, please shut down immediately, take down the hard disk and hang it on another computer as the second hard disk, and recover it on it. If your data is very important, especially if it is formatted and written into it, you'd better not take the risk to repair it yourself, prefer to ask help for a professional data recovery company to recover it.

(3) When repairing the damaged data, it is necessary to back up the source file before repairing it. If it is a malformed partition or a wrongly deleted file, it is recommended to clone the incorrectly formatted partition and the wrongly deleted file partition with the ghost, and backup the original partition state for further data recovery. Data recovery tools there are many data recovery software have their own characteristics, the data recovery rate is also different.

(4) In order to reduce the loss of data and avoid the impact of these things on our work and life, the best way is to use disaster backup software, timely backup of our data, give our data a layer of "insurance".Such that Vinchin Backup & Recovery is the best choice for you, there is the timely backup, instantaneous recovery, for your data escort.

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