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Vinchin’s XenServer Backup Software


Citrix is a sophisticated virtualization management platform with an impressive list of features and functions. As with any virtualization management system, it is strongly recommended to use some kind of backup system to back up data as a security measure.


Fortunately, the Citrix XenServer backup solution also includes the ability to perform basic backups, which means there are ways to create VM backups without creating third-party software.

Citrix VM backups

Creating a backup of a running VM is more complicated. First of all, it is really easy to back up a shutdown virtual machine, but this can cause a lot of downtime, which is unacceptable for most companies. This is why there are two main methods for creating a backup of a running VM in Citrix XenServer-manual backup and scripted backup.

The manual backup consists of four main steps:

1. Finding out the UUID of the VM you want to back up.

2. Creating a snapshot.

3. Exporting the snapshot’s contents to a file.

4. Getting rid of the snapshot.

The Citrix XenServer backup solution provides several different backup methods, which can be performed using built-in solutions, but they are somewhat basic. In this case, it is not uncommon for companies using Citrix to take advantage of some kind of third-party software with extended functions.


One such software is Vinchin Backup & Recovery, offering a most cost-effective solution that can work with an especially large range of different virtual platforms, including Citrix, and offers an amount of features and advantages that is almost remarkable for a very cheap solution. Vinchin can create scheduled backups and allows you to customize various advanced features, as well as taking advantage of a vast vinchin support team that is responsive and ready to help when you need it.


Vinchin's Xenserver solution

Forever Incremental Backup

An incremental backup strategy that starts with a one-time full backup. You can also make full use of the CBT feature to quickly identify changes in the data block of the VM disk, thereby accelerating the backup speed, which is the best way to ensure data consistency with the least time and backup storage cost.

Instant Recovery

When there is any problem with the business virtual machine, vinchin Instant Restore can be deployed with just a few clicks, and then the backup server will immediately transmit important data back to the target Xenserver virtual machine in the production environment to quickly restart, minimizing business downtime in 15 seconds.

File-level Recovery

Search and restore target files or specific folders instead of the entire virtual machine, repair local soft failures, significantly improve the recovery speed of important data in emergency retrieval, and eliminate unnecessary waiting for the complete virtual machine recovery process.

Flexible Node Expansion

Use Vinchin backup server with backup node expansion function to back up large XenServer clusters, increase the full scalability of backup infrastructure for your future business growth, and reduce additional maintenance costs through centralized management of backup nodes.



All in all, Vinchin can provide the best backup solution for your Xenserver! It has a 60-day free full-featured trial, don’t you be impressed? Start your vinchin journey now!

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