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  • How to monitor your VM backup and restore jobs in real time

    This blog will show you the functions and use of Monitor Center of Vinchin Backup & Recovery to help you better monitor your VM backup and restore jobs from a single web console.


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  • Out of service for 6 hours in bank, how data is important for your business?

    A bank in China suffered severe business breakdown during the production storage expansion process. Massive disks became unavailable to read and write, making many core and counter systems running on the production VMs stop working. Having protected 1.6 million+ VMs worldwide, Vinchin Backup & Recovery knows well how to fully secure users’ business environment with various features that supports for them to achieve high-level backup and disaster recovery.


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  • Vinchin × World Backup Day - Don’t Be An April Fool, Backup Your Data

    Ten years ago, a group of Redditors initiated this slogan to promote the importance of data backup online, and reminded people to deploy backups on schedule to avoid major data losses caused by unexpected disasters or man-made accidents, and that’s when the World Backup Day was born.


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  • Unprecedented incident in cloud industry! How important is it to get your data well-protected?

    OVH Group SAS, the biggest cloud service provider in Europe wins much popularity worldwide, claimed that on March 10th, a severe fire has destroyed the whole SBG2 and part of SBG1 out of 4 data centers located in Strasbourg, France, and massive lost data will be lost forever since they haven’t deployed any proper backup and recovery solution.With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, enterprise can build and fully utilize offsite DR center by deploying offsite backup copy feature on demand.


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  • Vinchin 2020 Annual Report

    For Vinchin, the past 2020 is a year mixed with innovations, breakthroughs and progress. Right here, right now, we’re proud to rewind all the best moments with you.


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  • Chinese top IT website’s choice! Reasons you can’t miss Vinchin

    Vinchin Backup & Recovery has been listed in the top 10 VM backup software of 2020, reviewed by one of the most authoritative and popular IT websites in the Chinese market, IT Home, by performing agentless backup, high compability with maintream virtual paltforms including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xenserver, Redhat RHV/oVirt, OLVM, OpenStack, XCP-ng, Sangfor HCI and Huawei FusionCompute, cloud archive, offsite backup copy and many other innovative VM protection strategies.


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  • Vinchin × Nanjing Smart Expo| Data protection under changing circumstances

    The Nanjing Smart Expo was successfully concluded on December 20. As an excellent Chinese data backup vendor, Vinchin was also invited to attend the exhibition with the product Vinchin Backup & Recovery, the best solution for cloud data center backup and disaster recovery.


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  • Dying in cradle, CentOS 8 project is about to end in 2021

    On December 8, the CentOS Project announced a breaking news that they will stop CentOS 8 maintenance by the end of 2021, while CentOS 7 will remain its maintenance support until June 30, 2024. Which, in other words, means that the free version of "Red Hat Enterprise Linux" (RHEL) is about to end. CentOS 8 is dying in cradle after one year of birth. Sad…


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  • WHAT'S NEW in Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 -More other features

    More other features Data Visualization Data visualization displays a real-time overview of Vinchin Backup & Recovery infrastructure in a single graphical screen. It briefly presents the information of virtual infrastructure, protected virtual machines, backup storage, history jobs, current running jobs, and more other useful information in a single intuitive graphical screen.


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  • WHAT'S NEW in Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 - ​New Data Protection Features

    New Data Protection Features Windows/Linux File Backup & Recovery First one, the file-level backup and restore feature. Now we support file-level backup and restore windows and Linux servers. For Microsoft windows, the windows XP, Windows 7, 8, and 10 are supported. For windows server, from version 2003 to 2019 are all supported.


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