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  • On-Prem Archive and Cloud Archive with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

    Vinchin archive feature allows users to archive backup data to both on-premise and cloud including Alibaba, AWS S3 and other S3 compatible cloud storages, helping to better keep data in long term for later use and save storage cost, also realize effective offsite DR.


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  • Vinchin CEO Dr. Hu Speech | Trends of the Data Backup Technology in Hybrid Cloud

    On November 27, organized by Informa Markets, the world’s largest exhibition organization, jointly undertaken by Informa Markets China (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Tianfu International Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd., as the information security conference based in Chengdu and connecting the world, 2020 INSEC WORLD · Chengdu came to a successful end at the Western China International Expo City. The four-day conference encompassed two-day advanced training, two-day keynotes, six tracks, and technology exhibitions, attracted more than 2,000 attendees, 700,000 online global audiences, more than 40 Exhibitors, nearly 100 media coverage.


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  • Preview of Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 - Archive VM backups to AWS

    Hello everyone, in today’s topic I will bring you a new feature in upcoming Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 – Archive VM backups to AWS S3 storage.


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  • Instance, database, data dictionary and database creation relationship

    Instance, database, data dictionary and relational database created by database instance and database are different from and related to each other. The data dictionary describes the logical and physical storage structure of the whole database. Database creation is actually to create a minimal physical storage structure for storing data dictionaries. The instance parameter file defines how to construct the memory structure and size, and the behavior of the background process. Nomount status table


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  • The database buffer pool setting is too large. System downtime is caused when connecting to the database

    Ibmdefaultbp is set too large (1300000 * 4K), resulting in system downtime when connecting to the database. So let's try to make IBM default BP smaller. Operation steps: db2setdb2_ OVERRIDE_ BPF = 10000 # causes ibmdefaultbp to use this value db2terminatedb2stopdb2startdb2connecttodb # to connect to dbdb2alterbufferpoolbmdefaultbpnumbo


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  • How to create a user with query permission in IQ database

    Recently, a customer needs to establish a query user with read-only permission in IQ database during application development, and asked how to implement it. Let's share with you the specific methods below. In order to let you understand this method easily, I will give an example to illustrate it:      Suppose abcuser is created in the IQ database


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  • How to export Excel spreadsheet report by ZABBIX

    The preparation of operation and maintenance report, patrol report, operation and maintenance asset statistics, operation and maintenance performance report are all one of the normal work of operation and maintenance personnel. How to write operation and maintenance report efficiently, generate operation and maintenance report quickly, and liberate the time of operation and maintenance personnel, we need the corresponding operation and maintenance tools. Netpod extracts data from ZABBIX and exports the data that operation and maintenance personnel want,


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  • Alibaba cloud's overseas CDN was paralyzed for two hours due to line failure of its operator

    Wechat pictures_ 20170928175548.jpg on September 27, China Unicom / mobile / telecom users visiting some overseas resources (including Alibaba cloud Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia 1, Hong Kong and other regions) network exception notice [Alibaba cloud] [operator] [fault notice] fault overview: the monitoring found that around 18:05 Beijing time on September 27, 2017, China Unicom, mobile and telecom users in some regions visited some overseas foreign investment


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  • The solution of shutting down remote HTTP after starting under domino Linux

    http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?rs=899&uid=swg21085321 Start sametime 8.5   Switch to the notes user and execute the command: at fststartnow, job1at will appear   2010-05-3117:08 just a moment. But you can't see the start-up process. It's obviously a bug, but support doesn't admit it.


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  • Which models of IBM pSeries and RS / 6000 can install SUSE Linux

    Environment platform: RS problem which models of ibmpseries and RS / 6000 can install suselinux? As of June 4, 2002, suselinux for PowerPC version 6.4 (32-bit kernel support) can be installed on RS6 / 6000b50150 and F50; At present, suselinux enterprise server (sles) version can be installed in pSeries and RS / 6000 except P680


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