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  • Caution! VMware has been targeted by ransomware attack!

    Just a few days after the trace of VMware ransomware being exposed online, a customer from Thailand in logistics industry, as one of the victims, came to Vinchin for help.


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  • Reviews of Top 10 Ransomwares in 2020

    It’s estimated by cybersecurity researchers that the number of ransomware attacks doubles in 2020 compared to 2019, a result which have shown that epidemic not only influences the health of people, but also of the network. While the increasing blackmail capacity of ransomware keeps bringing threats to banking, government, insurance and manufacturing industries, the work-from-home trend also causes more people to set private network with low security level as their first work access, which has provided ransomware a bigger chance to deploy more attacks easily.


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  • Ransomware attacks Acer, will backup save $50 million worth of data?

    Recently, one of the giants in the computer industry, Acer, encountered ransomware attack launched by the notorious hacker organization REvil, and was required to pay the most expensive ransom money of history, 50 million dollars for retrieving back encrypted data.


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  • Ransomware attacked Thailand customer's data center, see how Vinchin protects their data safe and sound

    “We are so lucky because we have vinchin!Thank you helped us avoid losses that we could not imagine!” Vinchin once again wins trust by performing in-time reliable support. Since VMware ransomware has started to aim at users around the world, one of our customers from Thailand in logistics industry is also in the target list, which later called for Vinchin’s support in order to get interrupted business back on track.


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  • Caution! VMware, the next target of ransomware attacks

    On Mar.15, a VMware vSphere user posted a blog saying that besides massive Windows desktop PC and laptop files being encrypted in the company, a large number of their VMs were also maliciously shut down and unavailable to connect, which caused a serious breakdown of production environment. After error detection, they found out that their VMs were also attacked by ransomware virus, and they took a whole day only to restore about 80% of their business. The incident has aroused widespread concern in the industry.


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  • Vinchin Advice and Solution on Anti-Ransomware

    Vinchin Advice on Anti-ransomware Measures 1.The password should be a mixture of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and special symbols, and the password should be long enough. At the same time, a security policy should be added to limit the number of login failures and the password should be changed regularly.


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  • Review of Ransomware incidents in 2019

    What is Ransomware Ransomware is a new type of computer virus, spreads mainly in the form of emails, program Trojan horses, and webpage hanging horses. The virus is bad in nature and extremely harmful. Once infected, it will cause immeasurable losses to users.


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  • A real story, see how Vinchin response to ransomware

    On December 7, 2020, Vinchin received a phone call from O Group (A well-known cosmetics company in China) that they couldn't use their WeChat system. After logging into the system backend, they found their WeChat system was invaded by ransomware, and nearly all files including stored data and executable programs were encrypted, which led to the crash of the WeChat system and its normal operation could not be performed. As we know, after a ransomware attack, encrypted data can only be recovered by paying a huge ransom for the key.


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  • GlobeImposter ransomware strikes again, data protection is imperative!

    Recently, a new variant of the ransomware GlobeImposter spread on the Internet, and the virus has been infected in several provinces across China. Once infected with the ransomware, the network system's database files will be encrypted by the virus, and ransom funds must be paid to restore the files.


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  • How to Disaster Recovery from a Backup Copy

    This documentation is to guide you how to disaster recovery from an offsite backup copy with Vinchin Backup & Recovery.


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