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  • Backup Copy and Offsite DR with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

    Backup copy is a feature which can be used to make duplicate versions of your backup data to a secondary storage or location. The copied data is usually of the same version, size and type as your original backup data, and can be used to restore the backup data from any accidental deletion and corruption.


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  • Granular Restore with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

    This feature allows users to recover data accurately at folder/file level in a few simple clicks, designed to fix partial soft breakdown of VMs in minutes when full VM recovery is not necessary, and help to find target files back by recovering VM to any restore point before mistaken deletion.


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  • Instant VM Restore and Migration with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

    In this article, I'll tell you how to perform instant VM restore and migration on Vinchin backup & recovery, I'll take VMware virtualization as an example.


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  • File/Folder Level Granular Recovery With Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0

    Hello everyone. Today, I will introduce the granular recovery technology of Vinchin Backup & Recovery to you. With this technology, the single file and folder can be recovered directly from the deduplicated and compressed restore point instead of restoring the entire virtual machine.


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  • Install the Windows Recovery Environment on your hard drive

    ​Install the Windows Recovery Environment on your hard drive The Win7 installation disk is an off-the-shelf Winre


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  • About the Data Recovery

    Data Recovery is a relatively useful technology, especially when the hard disk, U disk, mobile phone memory card data loss, how to recover the lost files and data is the most critical problem.


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  • Four Misunderstandings in disaster recovery

    As long as companies invest heavily in disaster preparedness systems, there will be no more business disruptions and lost data? In fact, disaster backup/recovery is very different from business continuity and cannot be confused. The misperception of disaster preparedness is an important reason for the failure of disaster preparedness construction.


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