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  • "Don't want to work today" triggers crime?Say no to manmade data loss with powerful backup

    It clearly shows how high the risk of data security is in when running alone in business environment, for deliberate damages caused by people may occur at any time for all kinds of reasons, and you might never get the chance to trace back those important data. No matter how ridiculous the intension of crime can be, there’s no doubt that an agile backup tool is always the most effective solution to avoid such emergency leading to irretrievable loss.


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  • 27,800$ for 9TB data, another lesson learned: better back up before annoy your programmer!

    On January 6th, a 9TB data deletion case happened in the domestic real estate market in 2018 finally closed its file two years and a half later, by sentencing the defendant, Han Bing, an ex-database administrator of HomeLink Real Estate 7 years in prison.


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  • No slacking in data protection in 2021, see how Vinchin responses to ransomware attack

    Since January 12th, many Windows users in China have found their files in computers are all formatted except those in disc C. Folders being hidden with only an incaseformat.txt file left, shows a very typical feature of the worm virus incaseformat that had broken out on the entire network as early as 2009.


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  • Never get drunk while working? Unless you got BACKUP…

    On October 17th, DBA of online scoreboard KeepTheScore announced through their official blog that after drinking couple glasses of red wine, he had accidently deleted their production database, causing the loss of over 300.00 scoreboards and associated data.


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  • Forever incremental backup in Vinchin Backup & Recovery

    Forever incremental backup in Vinchin Backup & Recovery In this article, we will introduce the mechanism of forever incremental backup in Vinchin Backup & Recovery. By choosing Forever Incremental Backup, Vinchin backup server will automatically perform a full backup at the very first time, and then the following backups will be incremental backups.


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  • How to Backup VMware VMs with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

    In this chapter, I will be showing you how to create a VMware VM backup job. Let's get started. First, I will go to the VM Backup module and then click Backup. The first step in a new backup job would be to select the target VM that I would like to include in this backup job. So on the left box first shows me the virtual infrastructures under the Hosts & Clusters category. Besides, in the drop-down menu, I can also select different views like VMs and templates, then all I see is the virtual machine. Another option is to go to the search bar to type in words related to the target VM. After then all the selected VMs will be displayed in the right box. Click the VM’s name, shows me the specific hard disk in this VM. I have the option to choose whether to exclude them or not.


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  • Three “MUST DO” steps before backing up your VMs with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

    Hi, here I will introduce THREE important and “MUST DO” steps before doing a backup with Vinchin Backup & Recovery.


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  • Preview of Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 - Windows & Linux File Backup

    For some enterprise users, the security of basic data is more concerned, like unstructured files, folders, documents, and history records. The loss of these important files will affect the normal operation of enterprises and cause losses to them. In order to ensure the well work of production business, some enterprises will prefer file backup as the guarantee means of data security.


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  • Notes after your data loss!

    In today's information and networking society, computers are playing an increasingly important role in our work and life. More and more enterprises, businesses, government agencies, and individuals use computers to obtain and process information, and at the same time keep their most important information in the form of data files in computers. But usually, when we use the computer, there will always be a variety of "careless" caused by our computer data loss, maybe the wrong operation, crash, reinstall the system, hot plug, and so on. There are many reasons leading to data, but once the data is lost, it will have a great impact on us! So what do you need to be aware of when you lose data? Let's take a look!


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