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  • Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 NOW supports H3C CAS & UIS

    Most recently, Vinchin updated a new patch of Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 to fully support H3C CAS & UIS for H3C cloud computing users to deploy true enterprise-level data protection. As Vinchin sticks to delivering highly compatible backup solution, this is another strong testament that the team has been working to complete this product concept step by step.


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  • On-Prem Archive and Cloud Archive with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

    Vinchin archive feature allows users to archive backup data to both on-premise and cloud including Alibaba, AWS S3 and other S3 compatible cloud storages, helping to better keep data in long term for later use and save storage cost, also realize effective offsite DR.


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  • Backup Copy and Offsite DR with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

    Backup copy is a feature which can be used to make duplicate versions of your backup data to a secondary storage or location. The copied data is usually of the same version, size and type as your original backup data, and can be used to restore the backup data from any accidental deletion and corruption.


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  • Three “MUST DO” steps before backing up your VMs with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

    Get Vinchin Backup server licensed, register virtual infrastructure to Vinchin, and finally, add a backup storage. This demo will introduce how to do the THREE important and “MUST DO” steps before doing a backup with Vinchin Backup & Recovery.


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  • Granular Restore with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

    This feature allows users to recover data accurately at folder/file level in a few simple clicks, designed to fix partial soft breakdown of VMs in minutes when full VM recovery is not necessary, and help to find target files back by recovering VM to any restore point before mistaken deletion.


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  • Backup your VMware virtual machines with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

    This article introduces how to back up VMware virtual machines with Vinchin Backup & Recovery. Go to VM Backup -> Backup page to start creating a new backup job. Expand the VMwre vSphere virtual infrastructure and select target VMs that you want to backup, multiple VMs can be selected to add into one job.


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  • How to monitor your VM backup and restore jobs in real time

    This blog will show you the functions and use of Monitor Center of Vinchin Backup & Recovery to help you better monitor your VM backup and restore jobs from a single web console.


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  • Vinchin × XCP-ng | Strengthen your IT business continuity with Vinchin and XCP-ng

    On Jun.16, 2021, Vinchin, as one of XCP-ng's ecosystem recommanded backup providers and an independent backup software vendor for XCP-ng, we held a joint webinar with Vates SAS - XCP-ng to discuss IT infrustructure optimization, and we are pleased to discover more about related technical issues together with you. In this webinar, we invited Olivier Lambert, CEO at Vates SAS - XCP-ng, Marc Pezin, CMO at Vates SAS - XCP-ng, and Luwen Zhang, the Product Manager at Vinchin, to share information about how to strengthen IT business continutiy with Vinchin and XCP-ng.


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  • REvil targets at JBS, how to defend next ransomware attack with powerful backups?

    It was reported that the world's largest meat supplier JBS was hacked and multiple factories have to stop cattle and sheep slaughtering. Reviewing from all these influential incidents recently, it’s obvious that ransomware has become the most powerful weapon of professional hacker teams who intend to gain huge profit by racketeering enterprise-level victims. Be prepared before the rain, also before the ransomware. Designed to provide flexible data protection of virtual environment for enterprise users, Vinchin Backup & Recovery is capable of performing effective data restoration through qualified anti-ransomware practices.


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  • Tips for modern SMBs to protect business-critical data that can’t be missed

    With the continuous advancement of informatization, enterprise information systems have gradually become a must-have for modern businesses. By showing disaster recovery solutions with full utilization of Vinchin Backup & Recovery, the importance of having a highly efficient and reliable backup and disaster recovery system for SMBs​ can be more powerfully shown through actual practices.


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