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About the Data Recovery


Data Recovery is a relatively useful technology, especially when the hard disk, U disk, mobile phone memory card data loss, how to recover the lost files and data is the most critical problem.

Can retrieve data is not only related to a storage medium, however, and in the operating System and media File System has a lot to do, basically, the partition table and File System (File System, FS) is the key to decide whether or not a data back, because it determines the logical structure of data storage, once the FS is destroyed, even if the physical data still exist, but because the data has lost its integrity and continuity, so retrieving data becomes rather difficult. The partition table is to determine the layout of the entire disk, from the partition table can know the number of partitions, the location and size of the primary/extended partitions, and logical partitions, so partition table loss of data is also unusually serious damage.

The common file system on the Windows with FAT16/32, NTFS, for exFAT, FAT currently basic only using U disk, hard disk with NTFS, because a single file under FAT32 biggest cannot exceed 4G and file information is limited, NTFS is not the limit, and joined the Security Descriptor (Security Descriptor), which is we can set different permissions for a file or directory. Of course, IT can also be formatted as NTFS. However, NTFS may encounter a special situation. For example, when you go to a computer that is not under your control, you may be unable to delete the files on the USB flash disk due to the current permissions, and the problem will become troublesome. In addition, it can also be expressed as exFAT, which is between FAT and NTFS. The file size of exFAT can exceed 4G, so it is better than FAT32. Although FAT32 and NTFS store data in different ways, some principles are similar. Therefore, knowing FAT makes it easier to understand NTFS.

With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, if you would like to restore your data, we have two methods, including the Windows & Linux physical environment File/Folder restore and virtual environment Granular Restore.

You can back up files in your Windows and Linux server using Vinchin Backup & Recovery. With a lightweight file backup agent installed on the target operating system, files inside the server can be backed up and restored easily.

Not only individual files, folders and the subfolders and files inside the folders are all supported for backup and restore.

Restore single files via Granular Restore feature. With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, the user no longer needs to restore the entire VM to get specific files, instead, just a few clicks can easily find the target file from the VM backups and restore it quickly.

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