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Vinchin Blog Vinchin Backup & Recovery is now tested and supported with Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager

Vinchin Backup & Recovery is now tested and supported with Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager



We are pleased to announce that Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 is now compatible with Oracle Linux KVM and Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager. You can easily and efficiently back up and restore virtual machines running on Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager to protect your Oracle KVM environment. Collaborates with the Oracle Linux alliance team, Vinchin is offering a modernized and secure IT infrastructure solution that delivers high availability and scalability to drive transformative business outcomes for customers.


Oracle Linux KVM is a feature that has been delivered and fully supported as part of Oracle Linux. With the release of the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) Release 5, the Oracle Linux server virtualization solution with KVM has been enhanced. Users can take either a previously deployed version of Oracle Linux and turn the OS into a KVM host, or a KVM configuration can be set up from a base Oracle Linux installation. Oracle Linux KVM is the same hypervisor used in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, giving users an easy migration path to move workloads into Oracle Cloud in the future.



To support multiple hosts running Oracle Linux KVM, IT administrators can use the Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager that is built from the open-source oVirt project. The heart of the management solution is the oVirt-engine which is used to discover KVM hosts and configure storage and networking for the virtualized data center. Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager offers a web-based User Interface (UI) and a Representation State Transfer (REST) Application Programming interface (API) which can be used to manage your Oracle Linux KVM infrastructure. Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager allows enterprise customers to continue supporting their on-premises data center deployments with the KVM hypervisor already available on Oracle Linux 7.6 with the UEK Release 5.



Agentless Backup

There are very few backup vendors that can achieve pure agentless VM level backup for Oracle Linux KVM and OLVM, Vinchin is one of them. Using Vinchin Backup & Recovery to back up Oracle Linux KVM and OLVM requires no agent to be installed in each virtual machine. Instead, by deploying a small plugin in the hypervisor layer, you can protect all VMs running on that Oracle host. Hugely save your workload on installation especially when there are hundreds of VMs need to be protected.

Instant Recovery

Another unsurpassable advantage of Vinchin Backup & Recovery is its powerful instant recovery functionality supported for Oracle Linux KVM and OLVM. Instant recovery allows you to quickly restore any size VM from any previous time point within 2 minutes as long as you’ve backed up that VM. Even the VM backups have been deduplicated or compressed you can still recover them without a problem. Instant recovery hugely minimizes the loss of crucial business interruption caused by disaster or system failure, guarantees user’s business continuity. 

Cross-platform VM Recovery between oVirt/RHV, and Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager

Cross-Platform VM Recovery allows for unrestricted data protection across different hypervisors and cloud platforms. Now Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 supports the Cross-platform recovery between oVirt/RHV and Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager. If you have both oVirt/RHV and Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager in your environment, whether one of your hypervisors is down or you need to migrate VM data from one platform to the other, Vinchin Cross-Platform Recovery provides you the availability for seamless cross-platform VM data protection and recovery.


There are many other outstanding features supporting for Oracle Linux KVM and OLVM on Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0, you can download the full-featured free trial of Vinchin Backup & Recovery to try all the new features and more, and start protecting your Oracle virtual environment today.

Last but not least, the compatibility with Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager not only has brought Vinchin great confidence for this collaboration but also built trust which may result in creating solutions for other Oracle products.

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