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Vinchin Blog WHAT'S NEW in Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 - ​New Data Protection Features

WHAT'S NEW in Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 - ​New Data Protection Features



New Data Protection Features

Windows/Linux File Backup & Recovery

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First one, the file-level backup and restore feature. Now we support file-level backup and restore windows and Linux servers. For Microsoft windows, the windows XP, Windows 7, 8, and 10 are supported. For windows server, from version 2003 to 2019 are all supported.

As for Linux, the mainstream distributions, including red hat enterprise Linux, CentOS Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, and their latest versions are supported. Next, let’s see how to file backup and restore works.

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For both Windows and Linux operating systems, a lightweight file backup agent needs to be installed. And the agent needs to be always running on the target operating system. Vinchin backup and recovery server will communicate with the operating system through the file back agent to backup and restore files.

Not only individual files, folders and the subfolders and files inside the folders are all supported for backup and restore.

Granular Restore of Folder in VM

Ok, next, the granular restore feature, we have made updates to this feature on version 6. Now granular restore can support restore of folders.

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Granular restore is not like the independent file backup and restores feature, it is a part of virtual machine backup and restores.

Vinchin backup server uses the binary backups of the virtual machines, then open the binary backup data and resolve the file architecture and data, then to list the file architecture on the Vinchin backup server web interface, as shown in this diagram, then from within the vinchin backup server web interface, you can download the desired folders or files to restore them to the virtual machine. This feature is useful when there are only files lost or corrupted on the virtual machine, and you can restore the desired files only instead of restoring the whole virtual machine.

Archive Backups to Cloud

In Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0, we can support archive backups to AWS S3 and Alibaba cloud storage.

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Vinchin backup & recovery server will archive full restore points to the cloud storages, even if you select to archive a differential or incremental restore point, it will merge with the last full restore point to form a new full restore point and then archive to the cloud storage.

Archive backups to the cloud can help users to achieve remote disaster recovery without building a new data center in another location. As the pricing of cloud storage is quite cheap, and nowadays the uplink and downlink are pretty fast. It’s a great choice for users to archive their backup data to cloud storage for disaster recovery.

And by the way, users don’t have to worry about data safety, as Vinchin backup server will do encryption and compression of the data while archiving to the cloud.

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