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Vinchin Blog Introduction to the Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Introduction to the Hyper-converged Infrastructure


The Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, also known as "HCI", refers to the same set of unit equipment (x86 server), which not only have calculation, network, storage, and server virtualization resources, and technology, but also include cache acceleration, data deduplication, online data elements such as compression, snapshot backup software, technology, and more nodes can be together, through the network to realize the seamless scale-out modularity, form a unified resource pool.

The Hyper-Converged Infrastructure cloud computing platform system can be integrated to optimize the system hardware resources, improve data center resources flexibility, operational efficiency, and convenient extension ability, and on the basis of the implementation of business application of expansion and rapid deployment, close monitoring, and flexible scheduling, satisfy large amounts of video image data management, scheduling, and analysis of business requirements, for all types of security in the cloud computing platform system video image business application with high efficiency, high performance, high reliable resource foundation platform.

  • Hyper-Converged of computing and storage resources, rapid scale-out of resources

The Hyper-Converged Infrastructure cloud computing platform system can realize computing resources unified virtualization, network, storage devices, to build the corresponding resource pool, realize the physical resources of the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure management and scheduling, provides the hardware resource of plug and play capability, as well as the hardware resource utilization query, real-time usage alarm, and other functions, to support the rapid scale-out of resources, provide data center management with intelligent hardware resources management ability.

  • One-click deployment of containers and virtual machines to quickly build the production environment

Hyper-converged Infrastructure cloud computing platform system supports the rapid deployment of containers and virtual machines, provides a perfect virtual resource scheduling method, supports the scheduling based on CPU, memory, disk requirements as well as the same host and different host, meets the flexibility of business deployment, and quickly builds the business production environment in the virtual resource pool.

  • Unified interface efficient operation and maintenance management, overall control system status

The system provides a unified operation and maintenance management interface, supporting physical resource management, virtual resource management, image management, service management, supporting the virtual equipment including status monitoring, setting, migration and service monitoring, and other comprehensive management and maintenance capabilities, and fully controlling the running state of the system.

  • Automatic fault tolerance high-reliability high guarantee, the business system never dropped the line

The system shields the impact of hardware failure on the business system through a high-performance resource virtualization function. The equipment failure will not cause data loss, and the business system can realize business load balance and rapid business migration among different physical devices, so as to ensure the business system never falls off the line.

For such Hyper-Converged Infrastructure cloud computing platform,with Vinchin Backup & Recovery, you can not only backup VMs of a standalone host, but also backup VMs under the HCI cluster environment with high performance, high reliability, and ultra-short recovery time as well as saving your costs.Meanwhile,there is the Backup Node Expansion, by setting multiple nodes help to distribute data and backup them to different repositories simultaneously.

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