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Vinchin Blog What is the main relationship between virtualization and cloud computing?

What is the main relationship between virtualization and cloud computing?


Despite the fact that cloud computing and virtualization are two very different technologies, but they still have often been equated. Cloud computing is heavily dependent on virtualization in terms of the interconnectedness of industry data. In fact, we can say that virtualization is the key to cloud computing.

Here are four key characteristics that enable virtualization to support cloud computing:

1. Flexibility

Many cloud computing users want to be able to quickly deploy new servers and highly scalable environments, and virtual machines make this possible, making mirror deployment easy and feasible.

2. Maximize the use of resources at a low cost

Rather than isolate a single application on a dedicated server, cloud vendors can deploy multiple applications or even multiple platforms on a single physical machine, enabling maximum utilization of hardware resources. As a result, they need fewer servers and save a lot of money in terms of energy and resources.

3. Easier migration and backup

In traditional managed mode, completing server migration or backup recovery for even a few tasks can be a complex and time-consuming affair, unlike in the cloud. Virtualization can make this process easier and dramatically reduce downtime recovery time.

4.A more controlled environment

With virtual machines, service providers can more easily deploy optimized, more secure images of the same, providing better continuity and reliability. This gives the provider more assurance of reliability when providing SLAs (service level agreements) to customers.

The meaning of virtualization for cloud computing like the wind for the cloud. Cloud computing users rely on the scalability, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and redundancy provided by virtualization. Without virtualization, cloud technology is incomplete. With Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0,  it supports VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, RedHat Virtualization, and other XenServer, KVM based hypervisors, provides an excellent user experience for customers who needs data protection for their VMs, especially when they are using different hypervisors in the same virtual environment. Also, there is a new feature that is archive VM backups to the Cloud, By creating a backup archive job, you can archive the local backups to either on-premises or cloud object storage for long term retention. Moreover, in case the primary backup got destroyed together with production data, you can restore the VM data from archived backup file in the cloud. Vinchin Backup & Recovery supports AWS S3, Alibaba cloud and on-premises storage as archive destination.

Please keep looking forward to our new version !

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