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Vinchin Blog Notes after your data loss!

Notes after your data loss!


In today's information and networking society, computers are playing an increasingly important role in our work and life. More and more enterprises, businesses, government agencies, and individuals use computers to obtain and process information, and at the same time keep their most important information in the form of data files in computers.

 But usually, when we use the computer, there will always be a variety of "careless" caused by our computer data loss, maybe the wrong operation, crash, reinstall the system, hot plug, and so on. There are many reasons leading to data, but once the data is lost, it will have a great impact on us! So what do you need to be aware of when you lose data? Let's take a look!

1. If you do not have data recovery software installed, do not read or write any more on the hard drive after the data is lost. Do not install or store any files or programs on the hard disk, or they will overwrite the files to be recovered, making it difficult to recover data and affecting the success rate of the repair.

Special reminder: in the installation of the operating system should be installed when the data recovery software, and in the case of a file deleted by mistake immediately after the recovery operation so that you can generally delete the file back.

2.  If the lost data in the system partition, then please shut down immediately, take off the hard disk, hang on another computer as the second hard disk, on the above recovery operation. If your data is very important, especially after the format and write data in, it is best not to risk their own repair, or ask a professional data recovery company to restore.

3.  In the repair of damaged data, be sure to back up the source file before repair. If it is a misformatted disk partition, mistakenly deleted files, it is recommended to the original disk partition state to backup, in order to carry out data recovery again in the future. In order to effectively prevent the loss of important data, it is necessary to leverage backup tools. Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides a series of data backup, instant recovery, and offsite DR solutions for private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud environments.supports the world’s most mainstream virtual environments including VMware, XenServer/XCP-ng, Hyper-V, RHV/oVirt, OpenStack, Sangfor HCI, Oracle OLVM and Huawei FusionCompute(Xen Based). It prevents the loss of critical business data due to human misoperation, viruses, attacks, hardware failures, natural disasters, wars, etc. 

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