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Vinchin Blog Preview of Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 - Windows & Linux File Backup

Preview of Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 - Windows & Linux File Backup



For some enterprise users, the security of basic data is more concerned, like unstructured files, folders, documents, and history records. The loss of these important files will affect the normal operation of enterprises and cause losses to them. In order to ensure the well work of production business, some enterprises will prefer file backup as the guarantee means of data security.

 File Backup refers to the process of copying all or part of a collection of files from the application host's hard disk or array to other storage media in order to prevent the loss of files due to system operation error or system failure.

 Comparing with manually transferring files to other storages, automatic intelligent backup of files can be realized by using the backup tool. Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 has newly provided Windows & Linux File Backup for the market. Take a look at what benefits you can get from Vinchin File Backup.

 Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 File Backup supports multiple backup modes, time schedule strategy and other more effective features to backup files, and ensures that all data can be quickly restored to any previous time point once the file got lost, or only restore any single or multiple files, it’s an efficient and reliable file backup solution for users.

Support Windows & Linux OS


Vinchin supports Windows and Linux file/folder backup and recovery, the user can backup files according to their actual demands and the degree of importance. In the meantime, files/folders in different disks can be added in one backup job, to centrally manage the backup job and backup data.

Smart Backup Strategy


Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides three different backup modes for File Backup, including Full Backup, Incremental Backup, and Differential Backup. Besides, another five types of time schedules are selectable as well, backup at once, daily, weekly, monthly, and repeat backup. In the weekly schedule, you can also choose every 1~4 weeks to do a backup, so that to execute the backup job more flexibly.

Multiple Storage Types


Vinchin backup & Recovery supports Local Partition, Local Disk, Local directory, Logical Volume,

 FC, iSCSI, NFS and CIFS storage as a file backup repository, so that to provide a comprehensive backup solution for different users with different storages.

Intelligent Retention Policy


With Retention Policy, the user can reserve their file backup data by the number of days or number of restore points. Vinchin will detect the backup data in backup storage according to the retention policy mechanism, once the data exceeds the preset quantity, the oldest data will be automatically merged or deleted. So that to save storage space for users, improve the efficiency of backup.

Flexible Recovery Mode


Vinchin provides four options to restore the files, restore to the original host, restore to different hosts, restore to the original path, and restore to a customized path. It's flexible for the user to choose where to restore the files according to their actual demands.

Meanwhile, users can choose single or multiple files to restore from any restore point. Without having to restore the entire restore point. It improves recovery efficiency and reduces the occupation of production resources while restoring data.

Visually view backup data


Visualized display of the backup data directory allows users to view the file backup data info straightly, like the file type, size, modify time, backup time and storage, etc. Vinchin Backup & Recovery also provides the “Mark” feature for important backup data, easy for users to quickly find them.

User Friendly Web Console


B/S Architecture management platform allows users to access and manage their backup jobs at any place. With strong operation logic and simple configuration, the user can get started quickly in a few minutes.

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