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Vinchin Blog What is data visualization?

What is data visualization?


Data visualization has a common purpose, that is, the accurate and efficient, concise, and comprehensive transmission of information and knowledge. Visualization can transform invisible data phenomena into visible graphic symbols. It can establish connections and associations between intricate and seemingly inexplicable data, discover laws and characteristics, and gain insights and values of more commercial value.

And the use of appropriate charts to express directly and clearly and intuitively, to achieve the purpose of data self-interpretation, let the data speak. In humans, the right side of the brain can remember images a million times faster than the left side can remember abstract words. Therefore, data visualization can deepen and strengthen the audience's understanding and memory of data.

The graphical representation of data is actually more accurate and enlightening than the traditional statistical analysis method. We can use visual charts to find data patterns, analyze reasoning, and predict future trends. In addition, the visualization technology can be used to monitor the business operation in real-time, make it more transparent and timely find problems, and respond to them as soon as possible.

Data visualization can be simple, substantial, efficient, and aesthetic, which is good visualization:

to put it simply, good data visualization is the same as good products, both of which have a friendly user experience. People can't take the time to look at it and get confused, or even be misled to draw wrong conclusions. Accurate with the simplest way to convey the most accurate information, save people's time to think. The simplest way is the most reasonable chart, which needs to be selected according to the comparison relationship, the number of data dimensions, and the number of data.

To enrich a data analysis report or explain a problem clearly, it is seldom accomplished by a single chart, but multiple indicators or different dimensions of the same indicator should cooperate with each other to support the analysis conclusion.

Effective and successful visualization, simple on the surface but rich in meaning, allows the observer to gain insight into facts at a glance and generate new understanding. Managers can quickly find and discover decisions along the visual path you plan.

Besides accuracy, enrichment, and efficiency, aesthetic feeling also needs to be beautiful. Aesthetics is divided into two levels. The first level is the overall harmonious beauty without redundant elements. The elements of the coordinate axis, shape, line, font, label, title layout, and so on in the chart are reasonably arranged. The second layer is the visual beauty that lets a person joyfully, the colorific application is proper. Grasp the use of color in visual elements, so that graphics become more vivid and interesting, information expression more accurate and intuitive. Color can help people to further classify, emphasize, or dilute information. Vivid and interesting forms of expression of visual works often bring visual effects enjoyment to the audience. Harmonious beauty is the foundation of visual beauty.

Data collection, data analysis, and decision making are important tasks for most enterprises. However, data analysis alone is useless, because data analysis cannot fully show the charm of data, only data visualization can really do it. Also, the data visualization of Vinchin provides accurate and efficient data information for your backup job, including backup storage, backup node, virtual infrastructure list, backup history, and other information. 

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