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Vinchin Blog The difference between information security and network security

The difference between information security and network security


The relationship of inclusion 

Information security includes network security, information security also includes operating system security, database security, hardware equipment, and facility security, physical security, personnel security, software development, application security, and so on. For Vinchin, that is the protection of information security which focuses on data security.

Different equipment

Network security focuses on the study of computer security under the network environment, information security focuses on the security of computer data and information.

Different priorities

Network security pays more attention to the network level, such as through the deployment of firewall, intrusion detection and other hardware to achieve the link level of security protection, and the level of information security than the network security coverage is much larger, information security from the perspective of data security protection.

Commonly used means include: firewall, intrusion detection, audit, penetration test, risk assessment, security protection is not only in the network level, more attention to the application level, but it can also be said that information security is closer to the actual needs and ideas of users.

The direction of employment is different

The difference between the network security engineer and Information security Engineer:

1. Different contents in work

Network security engineer: Analyze network status. Carry out security evaluation and reinforcement of network system, and design secure network solutions; In the event of a network attack or security incident, improve services to help users recover the system and investigate evidence collection.

Propose reasonable network security solutions for customer network architecture; Responsible for coordinating the implementation, deployment, and development of customized solutions, and presuming that solutions are online; Responsible for coordinating the pre-sales and after-sales support of the company's network security projects.

Information security engineer: engaged in security system design, security product development, product integration, information system security testing, and auditing in computer software and hardware, network, and application-related fields. The service units may be state organs, enterprises, and institutions, scientific research, and teaching units, etc.

2. Different requirements

Network security engineer requires a bachelor's degree in computer application, computer network, communication, information security, and other related majors, at least three years of work experience in the field of network security, while the information security engineer has no work experience requirements.

3. Different jobs

The positions of network security engineer include network security engineer, network security analyst, data recovery engineer, network architecture engineer, network integration engineer, and network security programming engineer.

The positions of information security engineers are system security engineer, network system security software engineer, information security engineer, Linux operating system engineer.

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