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Vinchin Blog About Cloud Computering- Development and Other technologies

About Cloud Computering- Development and Other technologies


The evolution of cloud computing

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the application of cloud computing is developing rapidly in the context of the global economic recession, the European debt crisis and the economic slowdown in emerging markets, which are constantly trying to find ways to reduce costs and promote innovation. Google, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Intel, and other IT giants have been fully engaged in the battle for cloud computing, taking cloud computing as the strategic commanding point. Cloud security, cloud antivirus, cloud storage, internal cloud, external cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, private cloud, and other concepts have been formed successively. More than 70 percent of Internet users use cloud computing services, according to a study by the Internet and American Life Project. From 2011 to 2015, cloud computing is still in its infancy or primary stage, but it will be a rapid stage of development. Standardization, standardization, socialization, and maturity will not be realized until 2020.

Here are a few cloud applications that companies have had a significant impact on: Amazon offers a flexible Computing cloud for computing (EC2) and a Simple Storage Services Cloud for storage (S3), both of which are part of Amazon's Infrastructure Layer Services (AWS). As a large cloud service provider providing cloud computing services, Google is also one of the largest cloud computing users in the world. The three major applications of Google cloud computing are distributed file system (GFS), distributed computing framework, and Distributed Database (BigTable). IBM launched Blue Cloud in November 2007 as a pay-as-you-go cloud computing platform for its customers.

The rapid development of cloud computing, to small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to provide a new and fast computing environment, from the enterprise users a lot of complex work, such as installing packages, set up the software configuration, or even write complex software, but also to small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to save the purchase of software and hardware equipment, equipped with professional personnel-related costs. Cloud computing is very suitable for the information construction of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises.

Other technologies related to cloud computing 

Other technologies related to cloud computing include equipment architecture technology, including node interconnection technology, data center energy-saving technology; Resource management technology, including data storage technology, data management technology; Task management technology, including task scheduling technology, data segmentation technology; Improve service technology, including feasibility technology and fault tolerance technology; And cloud security technology, parallel computing technology, load balancing technology, virtual machine technology, and so on.

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