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Vinchin Blog About Cloud Computering- The core technology

About Cloud Computering- The core technology


In terms of technology, cloud computing is a data service center built through the architecture of virtualization technology to realize the resource utilization of storage, computing, memory, network, etc., and dynamically allocate it according to user requirements. Users no longer enjoy services on traditional physical hardware resources, but instead, build their own applications on the virtual resource layer.

(1) Data storage technology

In order to ensure the high reliability, high availability, and economy, the cloud data is stored with the method of the distributed storage, together with the method of redundant storage to ensure the high reliability of data storage, which is the same datastore multiple copies or use multiple backup methods, adopt the method of parallel to provide services for a large number of users, the cloud data storage technology also has the characteristics of high transmission rate and high throughput, Google, Intel, Yahoo and other manufacturers to use are the data-storage technology.

(2) Data management technology

In order to realize the cloud computing system to process and analyze a large number of data sets, and then to provide cloud computing users with high-quality services, the cloud computing data management technology must realize efficient management of large data sets. At the same time, it is necessary to find specific data in the data on a large scale. Cloud computing is characterized by the storage and reading of massive amounts of data, followed by a large amount of analysis. The frequency of data reading operation is much higher than that of data updating. Data management in cloud computing is a kind of read-optimized data management. Therefore, the data management of cloud computing systems mostly adopts the management mode of column storage in the database field, and the tables are stored according to the division of columns. Google's BigTable data management technology is a relatively mature technology.

(3) Programming model

The programming model on cloud computing needs to be simple so that users can easily experience the services provided by cloud computing by writing simple programs to achieve specific goals. At the same time, the complex parallel execution and task scheduling in the background of this programming model is required to be transparent to users and programmers.

(4) Cloud security

Cloud security integrates the latest information security concepts and technologies, such as grid computing, parallel technology, unknown virus discrimination, etc. It is a new embodiment of information security today. Through the network of a large number of clients to detect the abnormal behavior of software in the network, to obtain the dynamic situation of Trojan horses, malicious programs on the Internet, real-time push to the server for analysis and processing, and then the solution is distributed to the client, so as to achieve timely security processing.

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