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Vinchin Blog How to backup the computer system when changing the system?

How to backup the computer system when changing the system?


How to backup the computer system when changing the system?

For reinstalling the system, there are a lot of unclear operations, and there are a lot of people who do not know how to back up before reinstalling the system. So that, many people are afraid to reinstalling the system by themselves that is afraid of not understand the operation and cause irreparable damage, such as the important file is missing, because when the reshipment system automatically format c disk, then install the new system in c drive, so to share what should be back up when reinstalling the system : 

Reloading only affects the data of disk C, so what we need to consider before reloading is to transfer the important files of disk C. Generally, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Desktop files

The default path of the Desktop is on disk C, and the path is: "C: \Users\Administrator\Desktop"

There are two ways to back up desktop files. One is to simply remove important files from the desktop, and the other is to set the desktop folder path to disk D or other mobile HDD(mobile hard disk drive).

2. "My Documents"

For the "my Documents" folder, that is, the software running on your computers, such as games and office software, some user information files will be generated during the process of running the software, such as information, pictures, screenshots, videos, the information saved in office software, etc., will be saved in the "My Documents" folder.

Default path: "C: \Users\Administrator\Documents".

Backup method: one is directly from the disk C of my documents to find the files we may need. The other is to directly set my document path to Disk D, after setting the file will be automatically transferred to Disk D, and after the reinstalled software will automatically call the original my document file. Never lost.

3, disk C software

Maybe many people usually used to install the software to disk C, first of all, we must develop the habit of installing the software to the non-system disk.

Two methods: One is to reinstall the system after downloading the software to install on the computer to use; Another way is to reinstall the disk C software to move to process.

4. Other documents

All the other files on disk C

5. Network card driver

Maybe we usually backup the system will not consider backup network card drivers, but the network card driver really needs backup. If your system if there is a drive with your own network card that is the best, but not if it will cause on the network, in case your network card driver model is too new, will also appear to drive not installed on the embarrassing situation, so before reinstalling the system had better back up a network card driver the most intelligent. (Note: the reinstalled system must be the same as the existing system, for example, or the driver cannot be common)

For the file-level backup and recovery feature, Vinchin Backup & Recovery will support for next version, it's coming soon! 

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