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Vinchin Blog Save data before fire, why DR solution a must-have for your business?

Save data before fire, why DR solution a must-have for your business?


Why a disaster recovery solution is important for your business data center?

Recently, the data center of US hosting company WebNX, in Ogden, Utah caught a huge fire. After investigation, the fire was triggered by a generator failure in the data center building, which later spread to multiple servers and led to data center breakdown.


More than 3.6 million websites running on these broken servers suddenly fell into a state of chaos, the data of about 15,000 customers were seriously affected, some of which even completely lost and could not be recovered, thus a large number of customer companies suffered business losses.


In March of this year, another serious fire broke out in the computer room of the European cloud computing giant OVH in Strasbourg, France. With 4 data centers in total, the fire has completely destroyed SBG2 and caused partial damage of SBG1, the data center was forced to temporarily shut down its services. It’s an undoubtedly disaster not only for OVH the provider itself, but also for over 1 million customers and 300 websites that have been affected.


Recent years, fire in data center is not an unusual thing anymore, and the victims span the globe, including Telstra, the biggest Australian CT company (Hosting data center in London caught fire due to UPS failure in August 2020), KT, one of the three largest CT service providers in South Korea (Official building in Seoul caught fire in November 2018), Amazon AWS Tokyo (Fire broke out in the under-construction data center in August 2018) and even more...


It’s clear that what had occurred in WebVN data center this time is not a rare case. As just one of the factors that will bring threat to data, fire accident had succeeded thousands of times. Being an unavoidable issue needs to be urgently solved, how can we ensure full data security under such circumstances?


With only a single copy of local backup data in hand is not sufficient enough for overall data protection, since it’s still under the risk of losing along with local production data. Therefore, to have an effective disaster recovery solution with remote backup copies is the best answer.


By fully utilizing offsite backup copy feature of Vinchin Backup & Recovery, efficient DR can be perfectly achieved. Even if local production and backup data are all lost, with offsite backup copies, users can either transfer them to local backup servers for local business recovery, or deploy instant restore on remote backup servers, realizing offsite business recovery.

l  Independent Backup Copy Chain

Offsite backup copy works independently without affecting local backups, and generated backup copy chain will also not rely on original backup chain.

l  0 production resource consumption

With 0 new VM/VSS snapshot required, no production resource consumption will be taken up when backup copy job running.

l  Offsite/Instant Recovery

When a disaster occurs in the production environment that causes the loss of both production and backup data, offsite/instant recovery can be achieved by utilizing offsite backup copy, restoring business in minutes.

l  Integrated Backup System

The offsite backup system of Vinchin is an integrated backup system contains all backup functionalities. And backup copies in one backup system can be used as offsite backup copies of another backup system.


With high-value data continually being produced in all walks of life in big data era, one minute of business breakdown or one piece of data loss can easily cause trouble. A reliable disaster recovery backup solution can prevent important data from being robbed by fire.

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