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Vinchin Blog Caution! VMware has been targeted by ransomware attack!

Caution! VMware has been targeted by ransomware attack!


Vinchin Blog-Caution! VMware has been targeted by ransomware attack!

On Mar.15, a VMware vSphere user posted a blog saying that besides massive Windows desktop PC and laptop files being encrypted in the company, a large number of their VMs were also maliciously shut down and unavailable to connect, which caused a serious breakdown of production environment. After error detection, they found out that their VMs were also attacked Just by ransomware virus, and they took a whole day only to restore about 80% of their business. The incident has aroused widespread concern in the industry.

Just a few days after the trace of VMware ransomware being exposed online, a customer from Thailand in logistics industry, as one of the victims, came to Vinchin for help.

The customer of Vinchin backup asked for VM anti-ransomware support

Normally, users usually need to pay a certain amount of money to get the data back, but Vinchin breaks the rule to minimize business downtime with 0 extra cost through powerful backup and restore.

According to the feedback, about 30% of VMware VMs in their data center were attacked by ransomware, with important logistics data being encrypted, parts of their business had to be suspended. Luckily, Vinchin help them to get business back on track efficiently in an hour by restoring attacked VMs from the latest pre-ransomware restore point, with in-time technical support from Luwen, the product manager.

Vinchin backup support team helps to deploy effecient VM restore successfully

“We are so lucky because we have Vinchin! Thank you helped us avoid losses that we could not imagine!”Vinchin once again wins trust by showing well-performed data protection.

Learning from the true story, VMware users should all be more cautious of similar issues, deploy a reliable backup solution and downgrade the threats of ransomware attacks as soon as possible. By fully utilizing Vinchin Backup & Recovery, the backup solution which has protected over 1.6 million VMs around the world, users can better secure data against ransomware worry-free simply with the following 3 steps.

1. Deploy frequent backups.

Current and up-to-date backups are essential to guarantee your business continuity.

2. Setup proper retention policy

Proper retention policies not only comply with laws and regulations but also help to fulfill the data retaining requirements of your own organization.

3. Follow the 3-2-1 backup rule

The well-known backup rule suggests users should have 3 copies of data, 2 copies on 2 different storage media with at least 1 off-site at remote location for disaster recovery.

In the version 6.5 of Vinchin Backup & Recovery to be released this year, more innovative features will be available to better safeguard your important data both in production and backup environment. The unique Vinchin backup encryption technology can monitor and protect backup data in an all-around way, so that any backup data modification by ransomware or malware will be directly denied to access, thus effectively raise the security level of your backup data. Next time when ransomware comes, it will be the one who’s on the run.

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