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Vinchin Blog Ransomware attacked Thailand customer's data center, see how Vinchin protects their data safe and sound

Ransomware attacked Thailand customer's data center, see how Vinchin protects their data safe and sound



“We are so lucky because we have vinchin!Thank you helped us avoid losses that we could not imagine!” Vinchin once again wins trust by performing in-time reliable support.


Since VMware ransomware has started to aim at users around the world, one of our customers from Thailand in logistics industry is also in the target list, which later called for Vinchin’s support in order to get interrupted business back on track.


According to the customer’s feedback, about 30% of VMware VMs in their data center were attacked by ransomware, with important logistics data being encrypted, parts of their business had to be suspended.


As the universal rule of ransomware attack, users usually need to pay a certain amount of money to get the data back. But for customers of Vinchin, business continuity can be guaranteed with 0 extra cost after such emergency happens, since schedule backups always succeed to save them in rush hours.


The customer contacted us at the first time and told us that thanks to the scheduled backup jobs they’ve been deploying within the VMs, they can restore business through backed-up data a day before the ransomware attack, only with technical support needed. Luwen, the product manager at Vinchin then immediately solved their problem remotely and suggested that the verified backup data should be migrated to production storage so that the business can be started as soon as possible.


From the discovery of ransomware to restart the business, it only took less an hour for Vinchin to successfully restore customer’s 3TB data on 30% attacked VMs through remote support, by fully utilizing instant restore and data migration features solve the problem efficiently.


Although until now, the user has not yet confirmed the ransomware type, we still want to remind all VMware users to be more cautious of similar issues. VMware targeted ransomware is under attack, back up your data on schedule and always be prepared.


What can users of Vinchin Backup & Recovery do after ransomware attack?

1.     Stop file sharing once ransomware is detected.

2.     Find out encrypted data to initially assess the damaged scope.

3.     Find out the latest available restore point.

4.     Deploy instant restore feature by using the latest restore point, restarting business after data verification.


Based on these, more innovative features will be available in updated versions of Vinchin Backup & Recovery this year to better safeguard important data, including protection of backed-up data. The unique Vinchin Encrypted backups technology can monitor and protect backup data in an all-around way, so that any backup data modification of ransomware or malware will be directly denied to access, thus effectively guarantee the security level of backup data.


Vinchin has provided data protection for over 1.6 million VMs around the world, of which VMware users account for about 70%, keep up with our latest product updates if you too are looking for a mature and stable VMware VM backup and recovery solution.

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