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Vinchin Blog Unprecedented incident in cloud industry! How important is it to get your data well-protected?

Unprecedented incident in cloud industry! How important is it to get your data well-protected?



OVH Group SAS, the biggest cloud service provider in Europe wins much popularity worldwide, claimed that on March 10th, a severe fire has destroyed the whole SBG2 and part of SBG1 out of 4 data centers located in Strasbourg, France, and massive lost data will be lost forever since they haven’t deployed any proper backup and recovery solution.


The disaster not only is destructive for OVH itself, but more for tons of their customers all over the world, including cyber threat intelligence company Bad Packets, cryptocurrency exchange Deribit, encryption software vendor VeraCrypt and video game maker Rust. As one of the most popular games on Steam, Rust gains over 100,000 online players per day, but now it has lost all data on European servers due to the unexpected fire. Although they have made great efforts to successfully reconnect the servers, all saved profiles are gone and players have to restart the game.


Although the cause of this fire still remains unknown, due to the large number of equipment and high power consumption with many cables and complicated wiring in the computer room, it’s already not unusual to see such thing happens in data centers. For example, Australian telecom Telstra in London and well-known crypto company Blockchain both had encountered fire in data center that caused service breakdown currently. All facts imply that heat dissipation has been one of the biggest problems. Therefore, a large amount of energy is necessarily used for the cooling of the servers, which causes various IT enterprises to build their data centers near the water.


It is indeed a good way to conduct pre-work according to local conditions, but after all, not every data center construction is lucky enough to have the chance to rely on it, and deploy data protection in advance is the real golden rule, while offsite DR center is the most important of all.


With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, enterprise can build and fully utilize offsite DR center by deploying offsite backup copy feature on demand. All local backed-up data can be copied to offsite DR center on schedule, in case any emergency occurs, users can simply transfer back the well-protected backup copy to onsite production system, minimizing business downtime.


We’ve learned a lesson once again from OVH that for every business enterprise, especially those with large scale, it’s essential and a must to choose an all-around data protection for guaranteed data center security, or else imponderable loss will be caused without a certain way to pay off when disaster occurs. In big data era, cloud service plays a very important role in enterprises’ IT development and data management, and it’s crucial for cloud and host service provider itself to bare data security in mind with two strings to the bow. 

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