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Vinchin Blog "Don't want to work today" triggers crime?Say no to manmade data loss with powerful backup

"Don't want to work today" triggers crime?Say no to manmade data loss with powerful backup



Human’s imagination is unlimited, a universal truth once again fully proven by a Chinese young man’s method to escape from working, but later on had to pay back with nearly 200,000 dollars and years of prison.


It’s reported that in Guangdong Changshi Communication Technology Co.,Ltd, the agent maintainer of China Mobile, there’s an unwritten rule that employees who participate in emergency repairs at night are allowed to have a rest or be late the next day without special circumstances, which later unexpectedly becomes a direct excuse for someone to commit crime.


At about 2 a.m., Dec.6, 2019, after making up his mind not to go to work the next morning, one of the maintainers in Changshi named Zhou ignited the toilet paper with a lighter to burn an optical cable in one of the nearby computer rooms that’s under the charge of China Mobile.


Apparently the result was quite satisfying for Zhou, and since old saying goes THREE strikes and you are out, he was dare to give a second try. Just three days after the fire, he went again hoping to get another day off, numerous business systems unfortunately thus had suffered serious breakdown twice. It’s estimated that nearly 200,000 dollars of IT facilities were damaged in total with tons of saved data, which may take China Mobile a long period of time to recover.


It clearly shows how high the risk of data security is in when running alone in business environment, for deliberate damages caused by people may occur at any time for all kinds of reasons, and you might never get the chance to trace back those important data. No matter how ridiculous the intension of crime can be, there’s no doubt that an agile backup tool is always the most effective solution to avoid such emergency leading to irretrievable loss.


For enterprises especially the large-scale ones like China Mobile, one of the top 4 telecom services providers in China, independent backup infrastructure can play the role of a lifesaver. If you still haven’t deployed one, it’s high time that you should take actions in advance, and Vinchin Backup & Recovery is one of your considerable choices. How can it help?


Smart backup with multiple strategies. Users can customize different types of backup jobs on demand including full backup, incremental backup, differential backup and forever incremental backup combining with compression feature, highly available backups can be generated on schedule with minimum storage usage.


Offsite backup copy. By constructing a remote DR center, users are allowed to have offsite backup copies to double-check data security level, in case local servers are physically damaged, all your important data is still well-protected in a different location. You can directly recover the VM to offsite production system and transfer data back to your local data center once broken servers get fixed, minimizing the impact of service interruption.


And along with many other innovative functionalities including SpeedKit, BitDetector, and deduplication, your biggest worries about data loss can be solved in a rather efficient way. Lost data is priceless if proper measures haven’t been adopted in time when things like China Mobile suffered from happens again, by then it’ll be futile trying to figure out how to retrieve it back like a cat on hot bricks. In a more serious condition, the whole company may be put out of business without any strong back support from data safeguard.

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