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Vinchin Blog 27,800$ for 9TB data, another lesson learned: better back up before annoy your programmer!

27,800$ for 9TB data, another lesson learned: better back up before annoy your programmer!



On January 6th, a 9TB data deletion case happened in the domestic real estate market in 2018 finally closed its file two years and a half later, by sentencing the defendant, Han Bing, an ex-database administrator of HomeLink Real Estate 7 years in prison.


On June 14th, 2018, Han took advantage of his authorized position to control the root of the company’s financial system, logging in to the server and deliberately deleting financial data and applications, which made the system unavailable and associated service seriously interrupted. As a consequence, it cost nearly 27,800 dollars for HomeLink to restore data and rebuild financial system.

Han was caught a month and a half later on July 31th in Beijing. It all starts with discontent with work. He was feeling negligible after the team leader ignoring his suggestion about system security and being transferred, and this is how he took out the anger.


It’s reported that the case happened to occur on that crucial day for the company’s financial monthly settlement, and EBS system unavailable will directly ruin the schedule. Since the company conducted traditional business system management without any independent data backup system and multi-level IT infrastructure, the database administrator could easily delete both production and backup data through root to interrupt service running. Although the company had invested quite a lot to fix it, much lost data was still nowhere to be found.


Unrecoverable deleted data can cause immeasurable loss or even put a company’s life in danger. Learning from this, we can see that if proper measures not being implemented in time, it’s rarely possible to restore the business system through the backup system when similar emergency occurs again.


In recent years, traditional data backup server with centralized storage infrastructure gradually fails to meet enterprises’ requirement of protecting exponentially growing data during rapid digital transformation of the Internet. So is there any other way to solve this urgent matter?


The answer is yes. Besides setting stricter rules and regulations for data management, it’s more important to deploy an efficient and reliable data backup and disaster recovery solution that can be dynamically expanded online on demand for enterprises to minimize data loss from a fundamental perspective.


With the help of Vinchin Backup & Recovery, you can simply achieve the worry-free data security goal.


Instant restore. Vinchin provides a solution that enables backup server to take over business first, while restoring the most important data for OS and applications running as top priority, then seamlessly migrating the entire VM to the production server, highly improving restore efficiency. Next time, no matter how large the scale of data loss in the production environment will be, your business continuity can always be fully guaranteed.


Construct remote DR center. It means to double check your data security level. When local and backup data are maliciously deleted, the loss can be still effectively minimized by utilizing Vinchin’s backup copy feature in the remote DR center in time, directly recovering the VM to offsite production system or transferring remote backup copy to onsite for local restore. Both options are available for users on demand.


SLA-based intelligent management. Facing the challenge of exponential data growth and higher requirement for business SLA, Vinchin provides multiple flexible strategies that greatly reduces time cost for data backup and recovery process with a centralized web console for users to experience easy operation, showing both smartness and convenience while incessantly protecting the entire virtualization environment.


Just imagine, if HomeLink had deployed an efficient and reliable data protection solution earlier, finding the lost 9TB data back in an instant wouldn’t just be an impossible mission. It can not only achieve the goal of business continuity, but also prevent financial loss caused by deliberate intension or system breakdown, guaranteeing the stability of the enterprise's service running on the cloud platform.

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