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Vinchin Blog Never get drunk while working? Unless you got BACKUP…

Never get drunk while working? Unless you got BACKUP…



On October 17th, DBA of online scoreboard KeepTheScore announced through their official blog that after drinking couple glasses of red wine, he had accidently deleted their production database, causing the loss of over 300.00 scoreboards and associated data.

After 5 minutes of despair, IT technicians decided to change the website into maintaining mode and made hard efforts to minimize the negative impact on users as much as possible. Thanks to the cloud hosting database they’ve been always using, which will automatically back up data once per day, the website went back online half an hour later.

Although it’s not unusual to see someone causing trouble when drunk, especially when you’re still at work, the DBA chose to admit the truth honestly.

the function that wiped the database was written whilst sober. It’s a function that deletes the local database and creates all the required tables from scratch. This evening, whilst doing some late evening coding, the function connected to the production database and wiped it. Why? This is something we’re still trying to figure out.

The most dramatic thing is, KeepTheScore happened to post an associated meme on Twitter just days before this accident, which they now must have taken more seriously than ever before, just like someone wrote in the comment, “Bet that meme isn't as funny now as it was 5 days ago, or is it?”


KeepTheScore may learn from the lesson knowing how important it is to always have a data backup solution prepared for fast recovery in emergency, or else any tiny bit of error will drag the company into huge crisis again.

Judging from the whole industry, various factors lead to data loss in database. Some cases are caused by accident or technical breakdown, while some by deliberate intention. For example, one of the world’s well-known IT services enterprises Cisco lost 2.4 million dollars on September 2018 because an ex-programmer deliberately deleted data saved on 456 VMs simply with an one-line code just to get revenge 5 months after leaving the company.

We can see the similar devastating consequences regardless of the types of database deletion incidents, and they all indicate the importance for a company to deploy a fast data recovery solution that’s capable to take over the business when needed.

This time, KeepTheScore was fortunate enough that their cloud provider’s scheduled backed-up data helped to reopen the website within half an hour.

For enterprises, we couldn’t emphasize more importance on the construction of data backup and recovery since it’s the bedrock of IT system development that can stem the tide in time when facing the threat of data loss. If you have not yet found a full-fledged backup and disaster recovery solution, you’ve come to the right place, because we can help. Vinchin Backup & Recovery makes data protection simple but powerful, with various functions waiting for you to explore. It enables you to recover highly available data in seconds, and get you fully prepared for any kind of emergency. Maybe next time, no matter if you’re enjoying a couple glasses of red wine to relax but you’re still at work, or some petty ex-programmers plan to delete the database of your company, Vinchin can always assure you there’s nothing to ruin your mood, and the fear of losing data and money will all become a part of history.

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