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Vinchin Blog Vinchin × Nanjing Smart Expo| Data protection under changing circumstances

Vinchin × Nanjing Smart Expo| Data protection under changing circumstances



The Nanjing Smart Expo was successfully concluded on December 20. As an excellent Chinese data backup vendor, Vinchin was also invited to attend the exhibition with the product Vinchin Backup & Recovery, the best solution for cloud data center backup and disaster recovery.

More than 300 well-known enterprises and 65,000 professional visitors were attracted to participate in the expo held for 3 days. Ke Zhou, Vinchin product manager focusing on the Chinese Mainland market, was invited to share his ideas about "Data Protection under Changing Circumstances " on the summit forum of the international big data industry expo on December 19, and was also honored to gain the opportunity communicating with other specialist in the industry present.

Driven by the era of cloud computing, big data and localization, data center infrastructure continues to evolve. From traditional data centers to virtualization, then to today's popular hyper-convergence, the development of data center has entered the 4.0 era. The number of data grows explosively with business systems on a continuous increase being more and more important. Under such changing circumstances, how to well implement data security and protection now and in the future, is the topic we mainly discuss about.

Analysis on challenges and demands in disaster recovery industry

Promulgation of the Cyber Security Law


What's the meaning of Cyber Security law? In other words, if you lose data when using network and cause some negative social impact, it’s the law that comes to restrict you.

Several regulations in the Cyber Security Law put forward clear requirements for data security ranging from backup, offsite and real-time backup to disaster recovery drills and other necessary functions, in order to emphasize the importance of preventing data loss especially on industries like health care, finance and banks.

“3-Rules No.21” (4) Implement solutions of data classification, key data backup and encryption. 

“3-Rules No.34” (3) Deploy disaster recovery for important OS and databases; 

                            (4) Set emergency plans for cyber security incidents and conduct regular drills.

“7-Rules No.76” (2) Cyber security, means to take essential measures to prevent cyber attack, intrusion, interference, destruction, illegal use and accidents, in order to maintain the stability of network and ensure cyber data under complete, encrypted and available status.

The Evolution of IT Basic Infrastructure


We're now living in a world surrounded by big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, and data centers are correspondingly making changes. In the past, we used traditional methods to construct a new data center with basic infrastructures like minicomputers, standard network and storage equipment, and virtualization software, which have become quite stable after years of technology development.

Even until now, many data centers of our customers are still using this kind of infrastructure. But with informatization gradually becoming part of our life, these basic elements have also undergone tremendous changes, software-defined storage, software-defined networking, and even software-defined data center. How to guarantee our data security against this change is a key challenge for us. 

Higher IT requirements from customers


Customers nowadays become more professional as more young specialists get to work on core positions, thus higher requirements for our products, service and our IT data center are brought about. With the diversity and complexity of data continually growing, users have put forward higher standards for backup and disaster recovery requirements. For example, whether the product we offer them is comprehensive enough and whether they can use protected data to do more business, both are the questions that our customers greatly concern about, which then implies the core of data protection: 0 data loss, 0 service interruption and data recovery in seconds.

Fast growth of Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Market


Based on national policies, the frequent occurrence of data accidents and the promulgation of the Cyber Security Law, the data backup and disaster recovery software market has been rapidly growing in recent years. From IDC report in 2019, the proportion of backup data in China market has reached to 41.7%, and will continue to grow in the future.

Demands and Solutions After Changes

Changes of Data Center Basic Infrastructure


Under the traditional construction of data centers, we solve the upper limit of the business system through physical server equipment. Later on, we learn about the virtualization, and then the hyper-convergence. Cloud computing and virtualization have become a required infrastructure solution for users, even a number of public cloud and industry cloud projects are starting to get involved. As the underlying architecture changes, businesses are changing accordingly. 

Private cloud backup solutions


Since our customers adopt virtualization to build data centers more often, how can we ensure data under virtual environments are safe? 

The traditional way is to install agent to solve data backup issue, but Vinchin allows you not to do so anymore, as we provide a private cloud and hybrid cloud-based agentless backup solution to protect the whole virtual infrastructure without any extra agent installation inside. What are the benefits of doing this?

First, it can back up the entire virtual machine's business system regardless the types of your backup target. No matter it’s an operating system, application program or data file, Vinchin can back up them all by backing up the entire VM. 

Second, it can achieve instant recovery. Legacy backup solution indeed can back up the core data, but what if our business system fails? We need to find the server vendor to help reinstall the operating system; we need to find the software ISV vendor to help deploy applications; and we need to find support team from the backup vendor to help restore data. You can see it’s extremely troublesome. But Vinchin agentless backup solution enables customers to successfully restore the business system within a minute, which is very convenient and efficient. And judging from another level, it also greatly reduces the workload of customer operation and maintenance.

Hybrid Cloud Backup Solutions


For the current mainstream hybrid cloud application scenario, that is, for example, you have a data center in the local computer room and the data needs to be backed up and archived to the public cloud, how can you do it? Vinchin can help, by copying onsite backed-up data to the cloud, creating dual data protection effect.

For small companies, we can will directly put their business systems on public clouds like Alibaba Cloud and AWS. However, there are clear requirements in terms of Cyber Security Level Protection 2.0, data on the cloud must be backed up to a local data center. In terms of this, Vinchin can also retrieve the archived data from cloud to local data center.

Massive VMs Backup Solutions


In view of the current and future market demand for massive data backup, what kind of solutions will Vinchin provide?

Take the industry cloud as an example. For example, the government cloud we are involved in has a scale of thousands of massive virtual machines. How can Vinchin backup the massive virtual machines?

We provide a complete backup solution, by deploying multiple backup nodes, can achieve efficient backup speed of 1.5GB per second, in order to meet the data backup needs of massive virtual machines.

About Vinchin

Vinchin Backup& Recovery


Vinchin keep changing our products by following the mainstream of the market for further development ranging from data protection, data recovery, business takeover to data migration, and always provides customers all-around solutions. The only thing unchanged is our attitude, which is always providing the most efficient, convenient and high-quality service to customers.

Strongly-proved capability from the industry


As an innovative backup vendor, Vinchin owns many “Firsts” in China. We are the first professional vendor having focusing on virtual machine data protection; Vinchin Backup & Recovery is the first backup software having been compatible with 22 virtual platforms; We won the first patent for instant recovery technology in China; We are also the first vendor providing customers with agentless backup solutions for XenSever, XCP-ng, Red Hat,oVirt and Oracle KVM in China.

Various Customer Stories


Vinchin provides extensive service for all walks of life, including government, medical care, education and finance etc. This year we also contributed to the development of public health for University of Évora in Portugal, who contributes themselves on the scientific research of COVID-19. We show our strong support for their data protection requirements. At the same time, we also put emphasis on the joint cooperation with major vendors this year. For example, we participated in the global online conference held by oVirt community (organized by RedHat group); became the only official partner of XCP-ng in China; and recently co-hosted the online webinar with Oracle. 

In the future, Vinchin is looking forward to exploring more fields with you, please follow us to discover more.

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