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Vinchin Blog Vinchin Advice and Solution on Anti-Ransomware

Vinchin Advice and Solution on Anti-Ransomware



Vinchin Advice on Anti-ransomware Measures

1.The password should be a mixture of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and special symbols, and the password should be long enough. At the same time, a security policy should be added to limit the number of login failures and the password should be changed regularly.

2.Do not use the same or similar login passwords for multiple machines, so as to avoid the tragic situation of "one machine falls, the whole network is paralyzed".

3.Patch system vulnerabilities in time, and don’t ignore security patches for various common services.

4.Close non-essential services and ports such as 135, 139, 445, 3389 and other high-risk ports.

5.Strictly control the permissions of shared folders, and use cloud collaboration as much as possible in the parts that need to share data.

6.Improve security awareness. Do not click on unfamiliar links, email attachments from unknown sources, and files sent by strangers through instant messaging software. Perform security scans before clicking or running them. Try to download and install software from safe and trusted channels.

7.Install professional safety protection software and ensure the safety monitoring is on and running normally, and update the safety software timely.

8.Business data must be backed up regularly. For important and confidential file data even need to have multiple backups in multiple locations.

By observing the trend of ransomware attacks, it has clearly shifted from a broad and shallow level of ordinary users to medium and large government and enterprise organizations and industry organizations. A security report shows that since June 2018, global blackmail attacks against To B have increased by 363%.

At the same time, the ransomware mutates extremely fast, the transmission channels are increasing, and the decryption ransom is also skyrocketing. These characteristics make the anti-virus software upgrade speed unable to keep up with the virus mutating speed in time, and decryption tools cannot effectively deal with the data decryption after being ransomed. For the unit, once infected with the ransomware virus, the impact will be immeasurable.

Therefore, data backup is the ultimate effective means to deal with ransomware. Before the ransomware event occurs, you can back up important business data regularly or in real time. After the ransomware event occurs, you can quickly restore the backup data and start the business operation without giving up the encrypted data. No need to pay a ransom.

Vinchin Solution on Anti-ransomware

lEffectively monitor ransomware and prevent incidents from occurring at source

Automatically check the legitimacy of the file. When the file type is modified or the file is encrypted, it can be discovered in time, and the changed data will not be synchronized to the backup server, thus effectively preventing the ransomware from invading again.


lFlexible backup of business data on demand

Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides flexible Backup mode and Backup strategy. Before the arrival of ransomware, you can set up Backup tasks as required to have effective Backup data.


lVerify the availability of the backup data and make it available at any time

After the virtual machine is infected with ransomware, the data and applications in the cloud environment can be quickly restored to the available state, and the virtual machine can be quickly restored to any previous state in time according to the demand.


lGuarantee business continuity, RTO less than 1 minute

Vinchin Backup & Recovery supports Instant VM Recovery, allows you to quickly recover the crucial business to a 100% usable state in a matter of minute, to minimize your business disruption time, guarantee your business continuity.


lRemote disaster recovery, local dual protection

Vinchin can help users to build a remote disaster recovery system. The remote backup system is isolated from the production environment, and the copy task is independent, without affecting the primary backup production. Even if the local business system caused a temporary interruption of the business due to ransomware, you can recover the business in other places.


In an era of increasing, proliferating, and high incidence of cybersecurity threats, no matter what method is chosen for prevention and resolution, improving cybersecurity awareness is the first step. There is no absolutely safe Internet environment, but you can choose to avoid accidents and reduce losses caused by accidents. Relative security has become more valuable.

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