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Vinchin Blog A real story, see how Vinchin response to ransomware

A real story, see how Vinchin response to ransomware



As per the customer's request of protecting the privacy of their IT systems, we cannot disclose their name, so here let's call them "O Group"

On December 7, 2020, Vinchin received a phone call from O Group (A well-known cosmetics company in China) that they couldn't use their WeChat system. After logging into the system backend, they found their WeChat system was invaded by ransomware, and nearly all files including stored data and executable programs were encrypted, which led to the crash of the WeChat system and its normal operation could not be performed. As we know, after a ransomware attack, encrypted data can only be recovered by paying a huge ransom for the key.


The O Group is a client of Vinchin and has deployed Vinchin Backup & Recovery across the company with regular Backup tasks configured several months ago. After receiving the phone call, Vinchin technician quickly took actions to remotely access their Vinchin backup server, and found that the WeChat system of O Group was invaded at 4 am on December 6, so he immediately checked the backup data and confirmed that the last backup was successfully completed at 23:30 on December 5.


Vinchin proposed to the IT manager of O Group to restore the last successful restore point by using Vinchin Backup & Recovery. The restore started at 15:45 pm on December 7 and was completed at 16:46 pm. The Recovery lasted for one hour and one minute, 206GB of data was successfully recovered.


O Group's WeChat system started up and ran normally. After verification, the backup data was effectively available, and the restore task was quickly completed. The O Group's business interruption time was under control, and the loss to the enterprise was reduced.


The ransomware will exist in the future IT world for a long time. The traditional security interception system cannot ensure the successful blocking of the virus, and IT is even less desirable to be lucky. For the prevention of ransomware, IT is generally accepted that data backup and recovery is the best solution to solve the ransomware.

As a professional provider of data protection solutions for enterprises. Vinchin provides a series of data backup, instant recovery, and offsite DR solutions for private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud environments. It prevents the loss of critical business data due to human misoperation, ransomware attacks, hardware failures, natural disasters, wars, etc.

Compared with pre-prevention, or afterward using decryption tools or spending money to buy unlock keys, "back up your data" is more reliable and effective!

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