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Vinchin Blog Less Procedures but More Secure: A Review of Vinchin VM Backup Live

Less Procedures but More Secure: A Review of Vinchin VM Backup Live

2023-05-18 | Viego

Table of contents
  • Why should you backup VM?
  • How does Vinchin Backup & Recovery help backup VM?

5.11 Live

Virtualization technology has been used by companies for years but there are still new thousands of new users every year. Virtual machines look not so important as the physical server but they are actually the backbone of business systems so it is still necessary to backup the data on virtual machines.

Virtualization technology brings convenience and efficiency but improper VM maintenance methods might make it lose many advantages. We were on live on May 11 to introduce the proper way to backup and restore VM with Vinchin Backup & Recovery.

Why should you backup VM?

The primary goal of creating VM backup is to save the data but since VMs are on the physical server, why not backup the entire physical server directly? Here comes the advantages of virtualization technology.

With the hardware resources on the host virtualized, the physical server will not work alone anymore but divided into hundreds of VMs and every VM can work independently like physical server. If you are still using the traditional maintenance methods to backup and restore data on the server, you might find that this new technology can increase your work.

If you restore one of VMs from the physical server backup, it might be time-consuming and will also influence the performance of other VMs. If so, performing a guest-level restore will be quick and won’t influence the other VMs.

VM backup was considered more time-consuming than host backup because it required agents installed on every VM and new VM needed to be created before the restore job started. Now, these problems have been suggested, agentless backup makes it easy to deploy VM backup system and VM backup can be restored on the original host or another host without creating and configuring a new VM first.

Guest-level backup is good for restoring virtual environments but it doesn’t mean that you should not have a host-level backup because it can help quickly configure a new host at least.

How does Vinchin Backup & Recovery help backup VM?

Vinchin Backup & Recovery is a professional backup and disaster recovery solution for virtual environment. No matter you are looking for a VM backup solution for your company or your customers, it can be a good choice because it supports multiple virtualization platforms like VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, XenServer, XCP-ng, RHV, oVirt, Oracle Linux KVM, OpenStack, etc.

Agentless Backup: Agentless backup is the basic requirement of VM backup solution and Vinchin Backup & Recovery can help you easily deploy the backup system without installing agents on every VM. Also, you don’t have to create a new VM on the host before restoring VM.

Cross-Platform Restore (V2V): VM migration is common in VM maintenance. Usually, IT administrators would like to move VM from one host to another for load balancing or planned downtime. Vinchin Backup & Recovery will not only let you move VM to another host by restoring its backup, but also move VM to another virtualization platform for V2V migration. (Hyper-V VM is not supported for now)

Instant Restore: When certain VM gets down, it needs to be recovered as soon as possible to reduce the downtime. Common restore methods might take a few minutes to restore the VM but Vinchin Instant Restore will let you restore the VM in 15 seconds, greatly reducing RTO.

LAN-Free Backup: When the backup jobs start, the performance of production systems might be influenced but Vinchin Backup & Recovery can help solve the problem by transferring data via SAN.

User-Friendly Web Console: There are no complicated procedures or command lines in Vinchin Backup & Recovery and you will easily create all kinds of jobs with wizards in a user-friendly web console.

Anti-ransomware Protection: Ransomware is a potential threat to companies and could destroy the whole IT environment. Vinchin Storage Protection can protect the backup storage from being destroyed by ransomware and leave the data backup to quickly recover the production system by importing it to a newly-established environment.

Vinchin Backup & Recovery is the partner of many virtualization vendors like VMware, Citrix, Red Hat, Oracle, etc. and has gained awards from social media like G2 and Capterra. As a mature VM backup solution, Vinchin Backup & Recovery has helped thousands of companies protect virtual environments and also gained a good reputation.

On May 11, Vinchin’s Lead Engineer, Jack Lan, introduced how Vinchin helps backup VM step by step in a live. Here is the playback for you if you miss it. You can join in our Linkedin Group to know more activities of Vinchin and gain the full slides in the video.

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