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Vinchin Blog The medical industry has become the hardest hit area of data leakage

The medical industry has become the hardest hit area of data leakage


< pre > in recent years, data leakage has become the headlines of major media. However, the litigation caused by data leakage still shows a growing trend. After data breaches of various scales, Bryan cave, an international law firm, analyzed the growing trend of legal proceedings. The study found that there were 76 class actions related to data disclosure in 2016 alone:
34% of lawsuits come from the medical industry
95% of people believe that negligence is the most common legal theory
86% emphasized the leakage of sensitive data
The types of sensitive data vary from industry to industry, and the attack methods vary. For example, finance and industry and commerce must protect names, contact information, social security numbers, account numbers and other financial information. Similarly, medical records contain the same personal data. In addition, they also contain more detailed information that can be used for identity fraud, such as doctor and prescription records, medical insurance information and personal health characteristics such as height, weight and blood type. Therefore, the risk of data disclosure faced by the medical industry is also high.
It teams in the medical industry must be vigilant. At present, there are more and more data leaks in the medical and health industry, and medical units will be targeted by hackers if they are not careful.
The server deployed with the core business system is very fragile. Even if anti-virus software is installed, firewall is deployed and patched regularly, there will still be various risks, such as poisoning and intrusion, and the core data will still be peeped, destroyed, tampered with and stolen. The traditional server data anti disclosure method is also useless for hacker intrusion.
So the server has deployed anti-virus, firewall and regular patching, but it will still be invaded. Why? After analysis, the reasons for intrusion and tampering of the server are summarized as follows:
The MCK cloud private key newly developed and upgraded by shenxinda is a server data protection tool. After MCK is deployed on the server, when the anti-virus software and firewall do not work, MCK can still tenaciously protect the core data, prevent trojan virus intrusion, and prevent the core data from being peeped, damaged, tampered with and stolen!

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