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Vinchin Blog Out of service for 6 hours in bank, how data is important for your business?

Out of service for 6 hours in bank, how data is important for your business?


Vinchin Blog-Out of service for 6 hours in bank, how data is important for your business?

Recently, a simple thought of storage expansion caused trouble for a bank in China, something that they had never imagine to encounter. The expansion process triggered defects in the firmware of fiber bridge, massive disks became unavailable to read and write, making many core and counter systems running on the production VMs stop working.

They could have defused the crisis if they owned a reliable disaster recovery plan, but unfortunately, their remote DR center only supports to back up local data copy and is incapable to take over business. Since the broken-down storage device failed to be fixed completely, the bank had to construct a new local production environment urgently through previous backups and inputting data manually for business restart 6 hours later.

For any company, 6 hours of downtime caused by data loss is devastating, especially in today’s big data era when business relies mostly on data, and the bank’s overall business has already been hugely impacted.

Learning from this, we make some suggestions for better realize business continuity.

1. Before you operate any major changes such as data upgrades and migrations in the IT production environment, make sure a full backup of the entire data center has been done to be prepared for any emergency scenario later.

2. In terms of recovery speed and efficiency, it’s necessary for a DR center to be able to quickly take over business in seconds without having impacts on core applications.

3. It’s also important to deploy a relatively easy and cost-effective DR solution to save more time and maintenance cost.

We can fully see how necessary it is for every company especially those in banking to have a well-performed DR solution, cause it’s easy to lose customers’ patience and trust if they can’t get quick support and response for financial needs, which also counts for the brand image and reputation in the industry.

Having protected 1.6 million+ VMs worldwide, Vinchin Backup & Recovery knows well how to fully secure users’ business environment with various features that supports for them to achieve high-level backup and disaster recovery.

l  Fast and smart backup strategies

Fully utilize multiple backup strategies provided by Vinchin with full and incremental backup on schedule to customize the best backup plan to ensure data integrity with higher backup efficiency while more backup storage is saved.

l  Second-level restore for minimum RTOs

With Vinchin’s unique instant restore feature, the backup environment enables to take over business in seconds, guaranteeing your customers’ best service experience.

l  User-friendly and cost-effective operation

Agentless and centralized, Vinchin breaks the rules of complexity, making deployment and maintenance can all be as easy as pie.

Complete backup and disaster recovery solutions is the last line of defense for data security and business continuity, choose Vinchin to get ready in advance.

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