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Vinchin Blog How Does Vinchin Minimize RTO and RPO?

How Does Vinchin Minimize RTO and RPO?


Rewind Backups, an emerging corporation established in 2015, focusing on SaaS closed a $65 million Series B funding round a couple of days ago. The investment will be used for recruiting more employees and expanding the platforms of backup to cover more SaaS applications.


Usually, many backup solution vendors focus on the protection of the three applications that are most extensively used, Office 365, Salesforce and Google Workspace. Nevertheless, Rewind Backups take a new road to avoid direct competition with other giants in the backup field. On the contrary, they choose some SaaS applications to provide service in which traditional backup giants are not involved too much Shopify、QuickBooks Online and GitHub.


Different from Rewind, Vinchin targets the data security of virtual machines but the fundamental incentive is the same that we hope the RTP and RPO should be reduced to a minimum when we meet blackout or accidental data loss.


Some of our users who are not professionals in IT get confused about the definition of RTO and RPO. Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the duration of time and a service level within which a business process must be restored after a disaster in order to avoid unacceptable consequences associated with a break in continuity. In other words, the RTO is the answer to the question: “How much time did it take to recover after notification of business process disruption? “Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is the maximum acceptable amount of data loss after an unplanned data-loss incident, expressed as an amount of time.


1.     Instant Recovery

For minimizing the negative effect brought by disaster or system failure. Vinchin has made a lot of work to deal with the RTO and RPO concerning users a lot. For RTO, we invented the instant recovery which is capable of bringing your business back online within 15 seconds if they are TM sized. All business can be recovered in two minutes including any deduplicated and compressed backups. Besides, Vinchin can quickly verify the backup data availability by instantly recover the target VM to an isolated area in a matter of minutes. Make sure when a real disaster occurs, all the VMs can be recovered and data inside is not lost or damaged.


2.     Customized Backup Strategy and Off-Site Copy

Vinchin highly recommends the combination of a full backup and incremental backup. The default schedule includes a full backup every week on Friday night and an incremental backup every day at night. Of course, you can change the schedule according to your actual demands.

And the timing could be configured daily, weekly and monthly. To minimize the RPO, the incremental backup job is executed every day at night so we can greatly guarantee that every day, the newly generated data can be backed up. Besides, Vinchin advocates the 3-2-1 principle which means one backup copy is stored on-site with one off-site and one in the cloud.


We live in the era of big data, and large amounts of data are being generated at all times. It is our common goal for RTO and RPO to approach zero.


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