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Vinchin Blog G2 Named Vinchin as A High Performer in Summer 2022 Report

G2 Named Vinchin as A High Performer in Summer 2022 Report

2022-07-26 | Echo

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  • What do Vinchin users say?
  • Why do users love Vinchin Backup & Recovery?


Recognition from users! We are thrilled to declare that Vinchin has received a high performer nomination in the G2 Summer 2022 Report for Server Backup Software, judging by the comprehensive assessment of customer satisfaction ratings and the company’s market presence. G2 is the largest and most reliable source of evaluations in business software and services globally.

What do Vinchin users say?

We're happy to learn that Vinchin is favored by our users. This feedback is essential to our ongoing efforts to make our product one of the greatest virtual machine backup tools available on the market.

The following is what we know about Vinchin based on user reviews on G2:

  • 100% of users rated Vinchin 4-5 stars;

  • 100% of users believe that our product is going in the right direction;

  • 91% of customers would like to recommend Vinchin;

The customer satisfaction ratings for Vinchin Backup & Recovery are above the industry average. The solution is easy to set up, use, and manage, and if there is a problem, the support staff is always responsive. 


The opinions and suggestions of our users also assist our product development team to decide which items to prioritize and which to work on next. At the same time, if you are using Vinchin and would like to leave us a review, check out our G2 review page.


Why do users love Vinchin Backup & Recovery?

Vinchin Backup & Recovery is made welcome for 10,000+ clients around the world and helps them establish efficient backup and recovery solutions that hugely reduce their backup time and management workloads.

Automatic VM Backup: With agentless, automated data protection for 10+ virtualizations, you can set up a complete backup plan along with many effective features including Forever Incremental Backup, CBT, Deduplication & Compression, and more through one web-based console.

Cross-Platform Recovery: There’re full VM recovery and 15s instant restore for you that allow data migration between two virtualizations it supports without extra tool installation.

Anti-Ransomware Feature: The backup storage protection secures backup data saved in Vinchin server with a real-time I/O monitor that rejects any unauthorized access to prevent potential ransomware attacks. Along with frequent backups, data encryption, and multiple backup copies, your data is safe and sound.

Multi-Type Database Protection: Backup and restore MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL in both physical and virtual machines with various strategies under streamlined workflow to improve efficiency and minimize resource consumption.

If you are searching for a virtual machine data solution that keeps frequent, speedy backups and numerous conditions-based recovery options, try the full-featured free trial Vinchin Backup & Recovery today.

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